Rainforest Alliance – RA/ (CDC)

Being certified by this standard means that both the raw materials and the processing of the final products abide by, support and fulfill the great responsibility and commitment that humanity must have, as is the conservation and protection of the ecosystems and forest biodiversity in all its forms. In addition and similar to the RSPO, the RA strives for an adequate, sustainable and integrated and harmonious management between Mankind and Nature.


The KOSHER certification procedure is an exclusive system of the Jewish community, whose main principle is to obtain for its consumption a suitable, adequate and pure product, according to the rules of Judaism. By finishing kosher certified raw materials and applying its procedures and standards in the processing plants, Caribbean participates in this demanding and specific market with products of excellent quality, controlled or supervised by the Orthodox Union (OU).

Cosmos and Ecocert organic and natural cosmetic standard

The organic certification for the European market is an essential tool of competitiveness and commercial differentiation that highly positions the company among others of the same kind. To ensure the quality and organic status of our products, we comply with and are certified under the COSMOS standards and the Ecocert Organic and Natural Cosmetics Standard, all controlled and supervised by the international agency Ecocert SA.


This is a Certification system, designed to ensure the safety and traceability of the Supply Chain of the certified product to the final consumer. This traceability should show, as in our case, that the product has been produced and achieved in all its stages, respecting the sustainability and international, national and local regulations established in the country of origin and especially those issued by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).


Another important organic certification that CARIBBEAN currently holds is the USDA Organic Seal, granted through the National Organic Program (NOP) of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Therefore, the American market is also covered in terms of certification for the entry and trade of our products. The American consumer in particular is very demanding and selective in the purchase and consumption of their products, which forces us to be always at the forefront of their needs and trends. The organic certification is one of them, which the company offers and fulfills appropriately and with quality.